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Hi there! We are the Chow Chow Community – a group of Chow Chow owners who simply adore this unique, quirky dog breed, from their fluffy manes to their fascinating personalities.

We’ve created this space to share our tips and advice with each other, to help us all to keep our Chow Chows happy, healthy and thriving. So, whether you’re looking for resources on the best food for a Chow Chow or how often they need to be groomed, or if you want to find out more about the Chow’s rich cultural heritage, we hope you’ll find our informative articles packed full of useful information to help you on your Chow Chow journey.

We’d love for you to join us at the Chow Chow Community and get involved by submitting photos of your Chow Chow to our gallery or join our Facebook group to meet other Chow Chow owners and ask any questions within our friendly online community.

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"Some of our greatest treasures we place in museums; others we take for a walk."

The Chow Gallery

Browse our Gallery page to see adorable photos and mini bios of Chow Chows within our community, or submit your own photos and feature your Chow to show off their furry cuteness & unique personality.

Chow of the Month

Dog ownership can be a fantastic way to find new friends, as your shared experiences are the perfect way to start a conversation. Our Chow of the Month pieces are a great way to introduce you and your dog – so why not share your story with the community today!

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