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Bella The Chow Chow

Dame Rosey White aka Bella is 3.5 years old, she will be 4 on August 25th. She was the smallest of a large litter, the absolute cutest thing you have ever seen in your life, and she hasn’t changed on the good looks side. She adores people and all other dogs, albeit some she can take or leave, she has her favourite friends when we are out walking. Living right next door to Heaton Park, Europes largest municipal park, there are always plenty of four legged friends on walks, and she loves nothing better than heading to the park for her dialy walks. There is only Dad and Bella at the house, so socialising is a big part of being a friendly and loveable Chow.

Bella has a friend at home, Oskar the tortoise, and she loves Oskar very much, albeit he seems to head for Bella at every opportunity when he is on his exercise runs, and keeps Bella active moving around the place.

Bella’s cousin Teddy the huge labrador comes to stay now and then when his Mum goes on holiday, and Teddy likes to rule the roost and be dads special boy, and Bella puts up with him remarkably well, she shows so many qualities that prove she is a real Princess Chow.

Dad works all over the country, sometimes office based and sometimes out in the field, and Bella loves a roadtrip, she is a great traveller, very good in the car, and loves overnight stays in different hotels. She is a true attention seeker albeit she really does get so much attention from everyone, cars even stop at the side of the road to have a look and say hello and ask questions. She’s a true Ambassador for the breed.

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