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Helmut The Chow Chow

Helmut is a 5-year-old adventure loving chow chow! He rolls at least once a day, he will roll to scratch an itch, but he most often rolls to express his joy and will spontaneously burst into a roll even mid walk, seemingly when he can no longer contain his excitement. He loves going on outings and will lie down just taking in all the sights and sounds. When he was a puppy, he was fearful of many things, including humans and cars. With lots of positive reinforcement training he had many wonderful socialization experiences and now he loves people and cars and will walk up to people waiting to be petted on his back. Since his socialization journey started at car shows, he is now an avid car show attendee and is at his excited when attending one. That’s where you’ll find him most weekends, rolling around and walking up to people waiting to be petted!

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