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Welcome to Chow Chow Community! Made by Chow Chow owners for Chow Chow owners, we created Chow Chow Community to bring together all of the resources you need to learn more about this unique breed – and help you to share what you know too! We know that when it comes to your dog, there’s nothing more important than getting the right information – information that is accurate, reliable and easy to understand.

Whether you’re looking into whether a Chow is right for you or have owned Chow Chows for years, we hope our community & blog will be a place where you can learn something new and make some friends along the way, with resources spanning all sorts of topics from health & wellbeing to exercise, temperament, socialisation and more. We hope that by sharing our experiences with each other, and learning from the wider world about Chow Chows, we can help each other to build on our relationships with our dogs, so why not take a browse through our blogs today and you can be sure to learn something new!

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Whether you have a Chow Chow and want to learn all there is to know about them, or you’re an animal lover who wants to read all about one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, our blogs have everything you could need. From tales of famous Chow Chows in history, to factual pieces on temperament and training, or the fascinating facts about why the breed is so unique, our community is the number one site worldwide for all things Chow. 

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Dog ownership can be a fantastic way to find new friends, as your shared experiences are the perfect way to start a conversation. As well as offering useful knowledge, we try to connect the Chow Chow community.

Our Chow of the Month pieces are a great way to introduce you and your dog, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that you can share your story. 

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 We think Chow Chows are the most unique and regal of all dogs, so we’ve created a place where Chow lovers can share stories and photos of their beloved dogs. Browse through our gallery or submit a photo of your own super-cute Chow Chow!

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