Chow Chow Puppy – The Must-Read Guide Before You Buy!

It is no surprise that Chow Chows have been one of the most sought-after dogs over the last ten years due to their teddy-bear looks and lion-like paws!

Chow Chow Puppies, Chow Chows, Chows, Teddy Bears and Lions. These adorable animals are known all over the world as described but their behaviour and character is not.

We’ll explain what we believe is everything you need to know before you purchase or adopt a Chow Chow! We have been Chow Chow owners for over ten years collectively so you are in good company!

Spoiler: There’s more to these beautiful dogs than meets the eye!

Chow Chows tend to be anti-social.

It’s no secret that Chow Chows like to be independent. If you’re looking for an animal to give you lots of attention, cuddles, and affection, then Chow Chows are not for you… Without a doubt, it’s recommended that Chow Chows are socialised with other animals and humans from a very young age.

Chow Chows are very loyal.

A typical Chow Chow will have one, maybe two master owners who they obey and listen to. Once this is established, the Chow Chow will guard their master owners with their lives, no matter the situation.

NB. We experienced first-hand proof of this when another dog aggressively approached us, and our Chow stepped in the way and put herself in danger’s path.

Chow Chows are notorious for poor health.

This one usually goes amiss with potential owners. It is common for Chow Chows to have health issues due to their genetic build and breeding history.

Chow Chows typically suffer from hotspots, hip dysplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, entropion, bloat, heat stroke, and skin disorders.

We recommend that you get dog insurance for your Chow Chow; otherwise, the vet bills could get expensive very quickly. Saying this, the monthly premium will usually be between £80–£120.

Brush, brush, and brush again!

Yep, you guessed it – brushing and grooming. A huge amount of brushing and general grooming must done when caring for a Chow Chow. They tend to shed their fur daily, but, more importantly, twice a year, they completely shed their coat. This usually happens over one to two months, leaving you wanting to buy shares in Shark or Dyson!

We recommend you take your Chow Chow to a professional dog groomer at a minimum of every eight weeks.

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Sleep is everything; sleep is life.

These guys love to sleep. Given a chance, most Chow Chows will choose to sleep for more than half the day! Chow Chows are happy to mind their own business and sleep until disturbed!

Snoring is in Chow Chow’s DNA!

It goes without saying that snoring is a huge part of a Chow’s life. Although not always the loudest, snoring is extremely common for Chow Chows due to their short snouts.

There’s not a dog fussier than a Chow!

Chow Chow’s are fussy when it comes to food. Due to their stubborn nature, if a Chow Chow doesn’t like their food, they simply won’t eat it. It’s almost as if they’re protesting the food and will wait until you present them with the food they desire! It may take a while for them to stick with a brand of dog food they like. Alternatively, it may be a case of switching up the dog food every couple of months!

Random Zoomies are a must!

Chows will have a mad five minutes when you least expect it, so prepare to have a running teddy bear at random times! We’ve noticed this is most common after they have gone to the toilet!

Recall, what’s that?

Yep, Chow Chows have a poor recall. We wouldn’t advise having these guys off the lead for long! Nothing will remove their tunnel vision once they’ve spotted something that catches their attention! We found this one out the hard way…

Aggression – the truth.

Okay, so this is a very controversial subject. Chows have been portrayed to be extremely aggressive. This is not true. If a Chow Chow is in a family where they are loved to bits and training is made integral, then aggression towards other dogs and people will be minimal if anything. Although, it is important to listen to and read your Chow’s emotions and behaviour so you can spot when they’re getting aggravated or distressed, as this may cause them to act out of character.

Obstruction, obstruction!

These little fluff balls love to stretch out and sleep in the most awkward positions! Our Chows love to lie in the middle of doorways and at the bottom of the stairs! This is very common for Chows.

Sensitive but stubborn.

Chows are extremely stubborn. If they don’t like something, they will let you know! Walking for too long? They’ll plant their bum and won’t move.

Comfortable outside? They won’t come back inside.

It’s believed that Chow Chows are emotionally intelligent and can read humans’ emotions well. It has been noted that Chows are extremely sensitive, and they remember everything!

We hope this short but informative list gives you all the information you need to determine whether a Chow Chow puppy is right for you.

If you’d like to find out more about Chow Chows, please look at our other blogs here and our Facebook Group, “Chow Chow UK Community”, where you can find a genuine and honest bunch of Chow Chow owners who are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Link Here: The Chow Chow Owners Guide Book

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