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Chow Chows are one of the most unique dog breeds, and at Chow Chow Community we’re here to help you learn all about them. On our blog, you’ll find all kinds of interesting facts about the Chow’s history, as well as information and top tips on temperament, training, grooming, feeding, exercise, socialisation and more. Take a browse through our informative articles, and you can be sure to find out something new!

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Whether you have a Chow Chow and want to learn all there is to know about them, or you’re an animal lover who wants to read all about one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, our blogs have everything you could need. From tales of famous Chow Chows in history, to factual pieces on temperament and training, or the fascinating facts about why the breed is so unique, our community is the number one site worldwide for all things Chow.

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