10 Unusual Facts About Chow Chow Dogs

Have you ever met a Chow Chow? If so, you’ll know that these fluffy dogs are truly one of a kind. Beyond their striking looks, there’s a world of history, mystery, and fun facts surrounding them. Let’s uncover some of the most fascinating facts about these ancient canines.

1. A Breed With A Blue Tongue:
One of the most striking features of a Chow Chow is its deep blue tongue. This isn’t something you see in just any dog breed. Shar Pei dogs also share this trait. While the exact origin of this blue feature isn’t fully known, there are theories out there. Some say it might hint at a bear-like ancestor in their lineage. Either way, it’s always a fun topic to chat about when introducing your Chow Chow to friends!

2. Ancient Guard Dogs:
These adorable, lion-like pups have a controversial past. In ancient times, Chow Chows served as loyal watchdogs, protecting homes and temples. Their sturdy build and alert demeanour made them excellent protectors against intruders and bandits.

3. They Choose Their Human:
Chow Chows are known for their selective loyalty. They often bond deeply with one or two members of the family. If a Chow chooses you as their favourite, consider it an honour. They’ll be your furry shadow, following you everywhere and listening attentively to your every movement and command.

4. Teeth Count:
Here’s a dental surprise! While most dog breeds boast a set of 42 teeth, Chow Chows up the ante with 44. It’s a tiny detail that adds to their uniqueness. With those extra teeth, their bite is as distinct as their personality.

5. Really Old Breed:
These dogs aren’t just a passing trend. They’ve been around for millennia. While estimates vary, some historians believe the breed could be as ancient as 8,000 years. Imagine all the stories their ancestors could tell!

6. Name Origin:
How did the name ‘Chow Chow’ come about? It’s a question that has puzzled many. Some theories suggest it came from the trading term “chow chow”, used to describe miscellaneous items from the East. Their name might be as unique and mysterious as they are!

7. From… Where?:
The roots of the Chow Chow are deep and spread across various regions. They might hail from China, Mongolia, Siberia, or even Tibet. Each area claims them as their own, testament to their widespread love and influence.

8. Thanks, Marco Polo:
The renowned explorer Marco Polo noted the presence of these unique dogs during his Asian travels in the 13th century. Serving various roles from sled dogs to guardians, their versatility was evident even back then.

9. Not Water Dogs:
Planning a beach day? Your Chow Chow might just prefer to sunbathe (in the shade). Their dense, fluffy coat isn’t ideal for swimming, as it can get heavy when wet. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them near large bodies of water.

10. Ticklish Feet:
Now for a fun fact! Those fluffy Chow Chow paws are often ticklish. A gentle foot rub might just get you a playful wriggle or a happy bark.

Chow Chows are not just another pretty face in the canine world. They’re a blend of history, mystery, and sheer adorableness. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, you’ve got a treasure trove full of stories.

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