Why Are Other Dogs Aggressive To My Chow Chow?

If you’re a proud owner of a Chow Chow, you might have noticed a puzzling and concerning pattern: other dogs seem to exhibit aggression towards your furry companion more often than seems normal. This behaviour can be unsettling and may leave you puzzled. Let’s delve into the reasons behind this behaviour and explore what can be done to avoid such encounters in this brief guide.

The Unique Appearance of a Chow Chow

Chow Chows have a distinct appearance that sets them apart from all other dog breeds. Their Lion-like mane, deep-set eyes, and tail position are often misinterpreted by dogs as either offensive aggression or pure confusion – dog’s can’t read a Chow Chow’s body language as it is not as clear cut as other breeds.

Territorial Behaviour and Dominance

Chow Chows are very well known for the strong territorial instincts. They are very loyal and protective of their owners and their home environment. Where other dogs sniff out this strong sense of dominance and dominance, it can lead to aggressive responses as the other dogs may attempt to assert their dominance. The assertive nature of your Chow Chow may be challenging the social dynamics with the other dogs, prompting them to react.

Socialisation and Past Experiences

The level of socialisation your Chow Chow has received plays a significant role with how they react to other dogs. Dogs that are generally not well-socialised may exhibit fear or aggression when encountering unfamiliar dogs. Likewise, if other dogs have had negative experiences with Chow Chows and similarly built breeds in the past, they might react aggressively of our of fear or bad memories.

If you find that you are on a walk with your Chow Chow and come across any unwelcoming dogs, it is recommended that you stay at least 12 metres clear. This will give you time to react with your Chow Chow should they be off of the lead, or manage to escape their harness/lead.

We also recommend bringing treats on a walk with you. This is so that you can sway your Chow away from other dogs easily should your Chow Chow start to be interested in other dogs. Its important to remember over 70% of other dogs are generally fine with Chow Chows, so it is important for your Chow Chow to socialise from a young age. Remember, a comfortable and healthy dog is more likely to display positive behaviour both at home and in public.

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