The Essential Brushes for Grooming Your Chow Chow

An often-asked question we see throughout our community is “What brushes are required to groom my Chow Chow?”

For those of you who are new to the breed or are considering getting a Chow Chow it is important to note that they require a lot of maintenance when it comes to grooming. Like most double coated dogs, chow chows shed twice a year, meaning during these periods your house will require daily (maybe even twice daily) hoovering and most importantly your chow will require daily grooming.

It is important to make your Chow Chow feel comfortable when grooming them, choosing their favourite spot in the house and having treats on hand is a great way to keep them engaged.

In this guide we will walk you through the top 3 brushes recommended by ourselves and other Chow Chow owners within our community to keep your Chow Chow looking there best as well as keeping them healthy.

A slicker brush is a must have for any owners who have a double coated dog and should be used mainly on the areas that are thicker, for example the main body area and their mane. This brush features 2 types of pins, soft and hard. The Hard pins are ideal for detangling and getting out any loose/matted fur. A soft pin slicker brush is perfect for after you have washed them to remove any final tangles and tidying up their coat. The slicker brush also helps to distribute natural oils through your Chow Chows fur keeping their coat healthy and shiny. We recommend the Furzone slicker brushes offering both the soft and hard pin brushes.

Link Here: Furzone Slicker Brush

A comb is a perfect way to keep your Chow Chows coat tidy. This tool helps to remove tangles in any hard-to-reach areas such as behind the ears or on the legs. The extra long pins make it easy to get deep into the coat to remove any tangles that may have been missed by other brushes. It would be useful to identify the areas where your Chows coat has become tanged or matted first and use a detangling spray to make the process easier and reduce any discomfort for your Chow Chow. We would recommend the The doodle finishing comb.

Links Here:

Bugalugs Dog Detangling Spray

The Doodle Brush, Dog Comb

Pin Brushes are a great choice for fluffing and shaping your Chow Chows topcoat. The sturdy pins help to separate the fur while removing any debris that your Chow has picked up on there travels! The brush is gentle thanks to the rounded tips of the pins and helps to reduce any scratches on your Chows skin. A great product to finish your Chows coat off with once the grooming is complete. We would recommend the Mikki bamboo ball pin brush.

Link Here: Mikki bamboo ball pin brush.


Regular grooming is a key part of caring for your Chow Chow. Having the right brushes makes all the difference. With the slicker brush, pin brush and comb, you’ll have all the tools necessary to keep your Chow Chow’s coat healthy, mat-free, and beautiful.

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