Navigating a House Move with Your Chow Chow: Step-by-Step Guide

Moving house is an exciting but often stressful experience. For our four-legged family members, especially for the regal and sometimes reserved Chow Chow, the transition can be overwhelming. Ensuring a smooth move for your furry companion requires preparation and patience. If you’re planning a move with your Chow Chow, here’s a guide to help you navigate the process.

1. Start with Familiarisation: Chow Chows are creatures of habit. Before the move, introduce your dog to moving boxes and new scents. Allow them to sniff and investigate the packing materials. The more familiar the items, the less alarming they’ll be on moving day.

2. Keep a Consistent Routine: Despite the chaos of packing, try to maintain your Chow Chow’s regular feeding, walking, and playtime schedule. The familiarity of routine can provide comfort in uncertain times.

3. Pack a Pet Essentials Bag: Prepare a bag with your Chow Chow’s essentials. This should include their favourite treats, bowls, favourite toys, lead, grooming tools, and any medications. It’ll make the first few days in your new home easier for both of you.

4. Safe Space on Moving Day: The hustle and bustle of moving can be distressing for your pet. Set up a quiet room with their favourite toys, bed, and some water.

5. Safe Transportation: For a smooth move, ensure your Chow Chow’s comfort and safety during transit. Use a well-ventilated, spacious dog crate or another secure method to safely secure them in the car. Include familiar toys or bedding. For longer journeys, provide water and take breaks.

6. Familiarise with the New Home: Upon arrival, inspect your new space for any potential hazards. After ensuring safety, allow your Chow Chow to explore one room at a time.

7. Set Up a Familiar Zone: Chow Chows thrive on familiarity. Set up a space with their bed, toys, and familiar items as soon as possible. This can be a refuge for them in the new environment.

8. Gradual Introduction to New Surroundings: For the first few walks in your new area, keep your Chow Chow on there lead. Allow them to take their time sniffing around and getting accustomed to the new sights and smells.

9. Stay Calm and Patient: Your Chow Chow will likely pick up on your emotions. If you’re stressed, they might become anxious too. Maintain a calm demeanour during the transition, and offer lots of praise and reassurance.

10. Monitor Behaviour and Eating Habits: A move can be disorienting for pets. Monitor your Chow Chow for any changes in behaviour, appetite, or elimination. If you notice prolonged changes or any signs of distress, consider a visit to the vet to seek advice.

While moving homes with a Chow Chow requires a bit more effort, with patience and care, the transition can be made much smoother. Remember, at the heart of every step is the well-being and happiness of your Chow Chow. Making the move comfortable for them is not just about addressing their immediate needs but also ensuring their emotional well-being.

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